The importance of Communication and Marketing in the ICT sector

In a highly competitive and constantly evolving environment such as ICT (information and communication technologies), having a good communication and marketing strategy is essential, as it can make the difference between success and failure for companies.

There is always something new to tell and you have to know how, when and where to tell it.

Simplify your message and stand out in the ICT marketplace.

One of the main benefits of a sound marketing and communication strategy is the ability to reach and connect with target audiences.

ICT companies often offer very complex products and services (and sometimes very technical terminology), so it is important to know how to simplify messages according to the channel and effectively convey the company’s value proposition to the target market.

Building trust and credibility is key to converting potential customers into real customers, increasing sales and building audience loyalty.

Standing out from the Tech competition

In a market saturated with similar solutions and products, a well-planned marketing and communication strategy can help companies differentiate themselves from the competition by highlighting the competitive advantages and unique aspects that make the difference.

We understand the importance of building a strong brand, developing valuable and relevant content, and differentiating yourself from the competition.

As well as doing it right, it should be made known.

And everything counts: communication, marketing, participation in events and conferences in the sector, SEO, social networks… In short, it is important to position yourself as a reference in your activity.

Also, within an effective communication and marketing strategy in the ICT sector is the ability to generate demand and qualified leads.

By implementing appropriate marketing campaigns, companies can capture the attention of potential customers and convert them into prospects interested in their products or services. This helps drive business growth and increase sales opportunities.

The ICT sector at a glance

Technology, due to its rapid development, drives a large part of the global economy.

According to the employers’ association AMETIC, the technology sector had a turnover of almost 115,000 million euros in Spain in 2021. In 2022, the average turnover of technology companies increased by almost 17%.

Information technology accounted for almost half of the sector’s revenues, while communications accounted for a quarter.

Turnover in 2021 accounted for 9.5% of GDP. In 2022, the technology sector already accounted for 22% of national GDP, according to data from the Digital Economy Barometer 2022 prepared by AMETIC, thus growing by more than 17% year-on-year.

In recent years, the ICT sector has been growing steadily, mostly ahead of the overall economy.

We understand your needs

We know that every day is a challenge and that you face new challenges every day in an increasingly competitive market.

The help of professionals to increase the visibility and reputation of your brand has become essential in order to position yourself as a leader in your sector.

An effective communication and content marketing strategy for the ICT sector will enable you to achieve the desired ROI. From Incognito we help you to:

Create your Marketing Strategy

We develop a comprehensive strategy for your ICT company, identifying your target audience, doing a competitive analysis, defining key messages and using the right marketing channels.

Develop your Brand

We provide support in everything related to your brand image, from the corporate identity manual, to the style book, logotype, web development, company mission and vision...

Create your Communication and PR strategy

We devise the plan, put it down on paper, establish a timetable of actions and see it through. We deal with media relations, drafting press releases, coordinating interviews, internal communication, managing KPIs, monitoring media coverage, etc.

Events and Trade Fairs

At Incógnito, we help you to plan and execute the participation in events and trade fairs relevant to the ICT sector: identification, logistics, set-up, merchandising, production...

Our competitive advantage

At Incognito we have a great competitive advantage: a highly experienced, proactive and flexible team.

Experience & Expertise

Our two-decade track record in the ICT sector gives us the insights and expertise to drive your growth.

Save Time and Resources

Let us take care of your marketing and communication strategies, so you can focus on your core business and save time and resources.

Advanced Technology for Better Results

Access our advanced tools and technologies that support the success of your strategies.

Objective Vision and External Perspective

From outside your organisation, we identify opportunities and address challenges that may not be evident from within.

Impact on Media and Customers

We work closely with both our clients and journalists, creating unique experiences that translate into greater media impact.

Connect with Influencers and Bloggers

We take advantage of the power of bloggers and influencers to offer endless possibilities, from round tables to interviews, increasing the visibility of your brand online.

Marketing and Communication in the ICT sector

Marketing and communication are key to the strategy of any company in the ICT sector. It is a constantly changing and evolving market and it is therefore essential to be agile in adapting to changes and trends in the sector. You have to get it right and let your audience know about it, generating consumer interest.

By investing in marketing and communication in this sector, you can:

Boost your Brand’s visibility.

We help you stand out in a saturated market, attracting new customers and retaining existing ones.

Reinforce your Value Proposition.

Show the difference between your product or service and that of your competitors and point out where your differential offer lies with the right narrative.

Enhance your Reputation.

Technological advances are often beneficial to society, whether through the value they bring to people’s quality of life or through their support for the development of a more sustainable world, which is a valuable reputational asset for technology companies.

Connect with your Audience.

Effective marketing and communication strategies allow you to establish a deeper and more meaningful relationship with your potential and existing customers. In addition, participation in industry events, presentations, conferences, etc. helps you to connect with your audience in a more effective and truthful way. They allow you to position yourself among the best.

Adapt to change.

The technology sector is very dynamic and constantly evolving. An effective marketing and communication strategy can help you adapt to change and evolve with market trends.

Improve ROI.

A good strategy can help you position yourself as a market leader, increase your sales, improve customer loyalty and ultimately improve your ROI.

At Incognito we offer a full range of services to meet your needs:

Your Success is our Goal

At Incognito, our approach is simple: to make our clients successful.

Why choose Incognito?

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