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We’ll sometimes have to process personal data on this website, i.e. the data that belong to a natural person (a human being, that is). We will keep them for as long as we need to regarding the reason why we collected them, which, in no case, will be longer than three years from the last time you got in touch with us. Unless you ask us to delete them first, of course.

And what do we want your data for? It’s not a question of us wanting them just because, but rather, we’re going to need them for things like the following:

  • Answer the questions you may send us through our contact form, for which we’ll need your name and an email address at least. There’s no way we can do that if not. We’ll only use the data to manage the specific issue you ask us about, such as requesting a quote, congratulating us on our good work or asking how we’re doing. We’ll keep them for a maximum period of one month, but if we ended up working together, we’ll keep them in a customer database until the end of our contractual relationship.
  • Process a job offer. This seems pretty obvious. Especially if we need you to provide us with your CV. In this case, we’ll never keep your data for over a year.
  • Send you value-added information, such as a newsletter or white paper. If you’d like us to provide you with content, we need a way of sending it to you and to know how we can address you.
  • Personalise the messages we send you. We don’t want to treat you as an anonymous entity, but as an individual.
  • Allow your comments on our blog. The blog is a space that’s open to conversation and debate, but we need to be able to get in touch with you if there’s a problem, because this website is our home and we’re responsible for what happens here. Your words aren’t ours and we reserve the right to take them down if they don’t comply with current legislation, our values ​​or if they are uncalled for here.
  • Share Incognito commercial information with you, such as invitations to events or news the company organises. We’ll ask for your express consent to do this, independently from other permissions.

The legal basis for the processing of your data is consent and if you need to get in touch with the person who’s responsible for the data, you can find them at  Guy Incógnito & Asociados S.L., C/ Don Ramón de la Cruz, 38, Loom Salamanca, 28001, Madrid. You can also use this address to exercise your rights of rectification, access, deletion, opposition, portability and limitation, although you can also write to us at

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