If this is a web page, it’s also very possible that there are cookies. What’s more: we have to confess that they exist and are here, right now.

We might not need to remind you what they are, but we’d like to explain what we mean when we talk about cookies, among other things because our Legal and Compliance department strongly recommends we do so. What’s a cookie? To put it simply, a cookie is a file; a small computer file that’s stored on your browser and hard drive when you visit some websites with the intention of collecting information. Said like that it sounds… a bit dodgy, but in the vast majority of cases this intention has a clear, necessary and useful purpose.

On this site, we use cookies in order to, on the one hand, enable features that will make your browsing more comfortable. Well, they won’t fan you or serve you grapes, but they can help us remember your language preferences, for example. They’ll also enable us to understand your behaviour and that of the people who visit us to learn what interests you the most and if the content layout is the most appropriate. We believe that if we have access to that information, which is anonymous, we’ll be able to improve this page and make it more interesting, pleasant and practical. It’s part of our job and it wouldn’t be nice if the result wasn’t excellent.

We’ll tell you a couple more things about cookies so you have all the information you need about them.

Depending on who develops them, there are first-party and third-party cookies. There’s no other possibility. We launch the former from our systems to your browser in order to provide you our services, while the latter don’t come from our systems, but are linked to other services we integrate on our site, such as social media platforms.

Depending on the time they are active, there are session ones and persistent ones. Session ones only work during the time you’re actively visiting the page and they’re deleted when you leave. We use them to understand each person’s behaviour while browsing out website. Persistent ones last longer, usually a few months. And what do we use them for? They’re normally used to save your preferences and not have to be constantly asking you things like if you prefer the Spanish or English version of this website.

Depending on what they’re used for, we can organise cookies into a few more categories. So let’s go:

  • Technical cookies. We use them to manage page browsing and enable certain features, such as security elements.
  • Analysis cookies. They are the most common ones and enable data to be collected to analyse it and interpret the behaviour and preferences of users. They help us understand how people end up on this website, why they view some content and not others and how the browsing structure can be improved, among other things. But it’s all done anonymously.
  • Personalisation cookies. These are the ones that enable you to set some of the site’s options to your liking.
  • Social cookies. Social media platforms use them to control their integration with the website.
  • Advertising cookies. They make managing advertising spaces dedicated to advertising on the page easier. You won’t find them here.
  • Behavioural advertising cookies. They represent a step further regarding the previous ones. They enable the bespoke management of advertising spaces because they gather information on user behaviour and help decide which creative content to provide depending on the case.

You will find the following cookies on our website:

IDEBehavioral advertising cookieGoogle DoubleClickTracking of advertising campaigns8 monthsNone
RULBehavioral advertising cookieGoogle DoubleClickTracking of advertising campaigns6 monthsNone
_ga_UAAnalytics cookieGoogle AnalyticsStore and count page views3 monthsNone
_gidAnalytics cookieGoogle AnalyticsStore and count page views1 dayNone
moove_gdpr_popupPersonalization cookieGDPR Cookie ComplianceStore cookie consent preferences12 monthsNone
wordpress_test_cookiePersonalization cookieWordPressRead whether cookies should be applied1 sessionNone
wp_wpml_current_admin_language_  Personalization cookieWordPressSite language identification1 dayNone
wp_wpml_current_languagePersonalization cookieWordPressSite language identification1 dayNone
1P_JARAnalytics cookieGoogleUnknown1 dayNone
AIDAnalytics cookieGoogleUnknown18 monthsNone
ANIDAnalytics cookieGoogleUnknown10 monthsNone
CONSENTPersonalization cookieGoogleUnknown220 monthsNone
NIDBehavioral advertising cookieGoogle Ads OptimizationSave the user’s advertising preferences6 monthsNone
_Secure_3PAPISIDAnalytics cookieGoogleUnknown24 monthsNone
_Secure_3PSIDAnalytics cookieGoogleUnknown24 monthsNone
_Secure_3PSIDCCAnalytics cookieGoogleUnknown12 monthsNone

If you’re browsing this page, we suppose you’ve used the cookie setting options we offer you when your first arrive. If you’d like to change your preferences, you can do so on your browser, but since we don’t know which one you’re using, here are several links with instructions on how to do so on different browsers:


That´s all!