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Incognito is a communication and digital marketing agency that communicates in context. Context is the new era and the explosion of digital transformation. Doubt is the first step for innovation and we doubt everything. Communication and marketing are our tools and innovation is the driving force behind Incognito. Combine technology, experience and context for the benefit of brands, and you’ll have the perfect partner for companies ambitious and non-conformist.

There are a few things we're good at

Content marketing, pressrelations, internal, comunication, process digitalisation and executive management training. We dissect the problem, put it into context build a marketing mix and solve the problem without going overboard.

Corporate communication, internal communication and storytelling

Corporate communication, internal communication and storytelling

Strategic, digital and content marketing

Strategic, digital and content marketing

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We have experience

Over 20 years in communication, media and marketing.

We took our first steps in press to land in marketing consulting, public relations, online communication and digital advertising.. Always at the forefront. Experience has also allowed us to participate in the transformation of organizations and the digitization of their processes. We keep learning.

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