Case study:
ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems

ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems is a Swedish multinational company that has become the largest global provider of intelligent access solutions. It has a wide range of automatic pedestrian doors, industrial doors, security access control solutions and loading dock equipment.

The company serves a wide range of sectors and scenarios, from shopping centres to football stadiums. ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems is present in nearly 70 countries and has a network of 52,000 professionals..

The website is managed locally, but under the guidelines of the global group. The website work was done for the local website in Spain.

Incognito and ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems teamed up to increase search engine visibility, improve website traffic and contribute to boosting business activity and, therefore, direct profit generation for the company.

The results: significant growth in key business and activity metrics

By adopting a strategic approach supported by SEO, ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems’ website experienced significant growth in its key business and activity metrics.

Among the main data collected, the following stand out:

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Interaction sessions
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ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems was very clear about its objectiveto publicise their activity and their innovative access solutionsIncognito provided various recommendations to the ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems technical team to carry out implementations on the website to increase the loading speed of the site and avoid Google penalties.

Other actions suggested and implemented included.

  • Removal of duplicate content.
  • Minification of JavaScript and CSS code.
  • Elimination of toxic backlinks.
Puerta abierta

The challenge

In the digital world, visibility is key. For ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems, the door to success was opened, in this case, through a comprehensive optimisation of the positioning of the Spanish version of the ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems product website.

The objectives of the year-long project were.

The solution

At Incognito, we helped ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems to:

  • A implemented SEO strategy that has proven to be very effective, contributing to an increase in the company’s online presence.
  • Through keyword research, content optimisation, improvement of the website structure and technical optimisation, has achieved:
      • Traffic growth
      • Improve search engine visibility
      • Increase user interactions on the website.

Estos resultados refuerzan la importancia de planificar y ejecutar adecuadamente una estrategia SEO para ayudar a alcanzar los objetivos empresariales en línea.

Customer feedback

"Thanks to Incognito we have seen a noticeable increase in search engine visibility. The collaboration with the agency has been very positive, we are very grateful for the results obtained in the SEO strategy".

Alberto Barrantes
Marketing Manager ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems Spain

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