This website is owned by Guy Incógnito & Asociados, with offices at C/ Don Ramón de la Cruz, 38, Loom Salamanca, 28001, Madrid, NIF B88555669 and email Browsing here implies accepting our general terms of use, unless there are any circumstances that may apply to some services on this page. All this seems quite reasonable to us and we hope that you find it reasonable too.

Who owns the elements of this website? Incógnito owns the intellectual property, from programming to design and even some graphic elements. There are other elements, such as some images and programming code, that aren’t ours, but we use them either because we can do so for free according to their license or because we’ve acquired the rights to use them here.

Taking all this into account, we don’t mind if you download the content of this site as long as you don’t use it for commercial or illegal purposes and that you don’t change or alter its integrity. In short, please don’t try to do business with our content or change it to make it look as if it’s your own.

Guy Incógnito & Asociados S.L. is not responsible for the information and content stored, including but not limited to, in forums, chats, blog generators, comments, social networks or any other medium that allows third parties to publish content independently on our website. However, and in compliance with the provisions of articles 11 and 16 of the LSSICE, is available to all users, authorities and security forces, actively collaborating in the removal or, where appropriate, blocking of all content that may affect or contravene national or international law, the rights of third parties or morality and public order. In the event that the user considers that there is any content on the website that could be susceptible to this classification, please notify us immediately.

Our website servers may automatically detect the IP address and domain name used by the user. An IP address is a number automatically assigned to a computer when it connects to the Internet. All this information is recorded in a server activity file that allows the subsequent processing of the data in order to obtain purely statistical measurements that allow us to know the number of page impressions, the number of visits made to the web servers, the order of visits, the access point, etc.

If we have to, we could make changes to the website, modifying the browsing and features of the site without having to let you know about it. We’re sure you understand that this is very normal, because otherwise we’d have to annoy you and that would be very unpleasant. Some of these changes could be intended to improve the user experience, but they might generate a problem that would stop you from browsing the page. We can’t guarantee the permanent availability of the page, but what we can do is promise we’ll do our best to make it work as well as possible.

At Incógnito we own our mistakes and the content that we generate directly, but we can’t accept responsibility for what may happen with third-party content we link to or for computer problems beyond our control that may cause security failures in your equipment, systems or files. Always try to use an antivirus and updated versions of your programmes to surf the net, even if it’s on other, less interesting sites than this one.

You’ll find a blog on our website. We would like to invite you to get involved and comment, but keep in mind that by sending them you have to accept not only compliance for current legislation, but also respect the values ​​of our society. Please avoid making illicit or illegal comments, and even more so, please avoid using vulgar language with the intention to disrespect us or third parties. By sending us your comments you authorise us to make them public, but we also reserve the right not to share them with the public if they go against the principles we’ve stated above.

For the record, we don’t accept liability for your opinions and they don’t represent us, even if we might sometimes agree with them.

Our website is subject to Spanish law and in the event of litigation or dispute arising from its use, both parties submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the city of Madrid (Spain). This clause of express submission to the courts of the city of Madrid will not be applicable in the event of litigation with users of the website who, according to current legislation, are consumers, in which case both parties will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of the consumer’s residence.

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