Corporate Communication

Corporate Communication is a fundamental pillar for the success of any company or organisation in today’s competitive world.

At Incognito, we understand the importance of this discipline and work tirelessly on all aspects of strategic communications consultancy.

From a thorough strengths and weaknesses analysis (SWOT) to create comprehensive communication plans, to the accurate identification of key stakeholders for each entity, we pride ourselves on delivering customised and effective solutions to achieve our client’s objectives.

SWOT analysis for effective Strategic Communication

We use the SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) at Incognito to thoroughly assess the situation of our clients.

By understanding your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, we chart a clear path to successful corporate communications, aligned with your goals and vision.

Stakeholder Mapping

Connecting with key audiences

Accurate identification of stakeholders is essential to ensure that an organisation’s message reaches the right audiences.

At Incognito, we use stakeholder mapping to map and categorise the relevant stakeholders for each client.

Whether they are customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders or the community at large, we make sure we know our target audience to tailor our communication strategy for greater impact.

This in-depth understanding of key audiences helps to build strong and lasting relationships with them, which contributes to improving the reputation and perception of the company.

Adaptability to different types of companies

At Incognito, we avoid generic approaches.

We recognise the uniqueness of each company and its sectoral challenges.

Our communication plans are adapted to growing startups, medium-sized companies, multinationals and IBEX-35 listed companies.

Thanks to our diversified expertise, we offer tailor-made solutions to drive our clients’ growth and consolidation in their industry.

Focused on improving corporate reputation

One of our greatest achievements as a strategic communications team is our ability to enhance our clients’ corporate reputations.

By designing and implementing communication campaigns focused on transparency, authenticity and effective public image management, we contribute to strengthening brand trust and establishing a positive relationship with the public.

Improving reputation not only influences the perception of the company, but can also have a positive impact on customer loyalty, talent attraction and investor relations.

Incognito: Your Ally in Strategic Communication

At Incógnito, we are passionate about corporate communication and believe in its power to transform companies and organisations.

Our customised approach, based on SWOT analysis and stakeholder mapping, enables us to create effective strategies that drive corporate reputation and business success.

Whatever the size or sector of your business, we are ready to help you achieve your communication goals and take your reputation to new levels of excellence. Trust Incognito to be your partner in the world of strategic communication.

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