Behavioural marketing

Understanding and persuading your customers

Incognito helps you leverage cognitive biases to improve user experience, marketing… and your sales!

To market successfully, you must be able to understand and persuade your customers effectively.

Behavioural marketing is a revolutionary approach based on a deep understanding of people’s cognitive biases.

By understanding the cognitive biases of human beings in their decision-making, you can offer them what they are inclined to purchase and better satisfy their consumer experiences.

What are cognitive biases?

Cognitive biases are automatic thought patterns that affect people’s decision-making. These biases can be conscious or unconscious and can influence our decisions both positively and negatively.

If you understand why your customers make decisions, you will be able to create highly effective messages and experiences.
We didn’t invent this way of understanding human behaviour at Incognito!

Behavioural marketing is based on behavioural economics, a branch of economics promoted by prominent economists and psychologists, such as Nobel Prize winners Daniel Kahneman and Richard Thaler, among others.

Behavioural economics focuses on how people make decisions in real life, considering the psychological and emotional aspects that influence their choices. At Incognito, we apply principles of behavioural economics to better understand your customers and design strategies that positively influence their behaviour.

How can behavioural marketing help you?

Good behavioural marketing uses cognitive biases to create more engaging and persuasive messages and experiences for your customers.

For example, a marketer may use anchoring bias to set a high price for a product, knowing that customers will be less willing to negotiate if the initial price is low.

Or a website may use loss aversion bias to offer a money-back guarantee, knowing that customers will be more willing to buy if they feel they are not at risk.

The powerful cognitive biases:

For your marketing to be effective you need to understand the main cognitive biases that consumers have.

At Incognito we are clear about them and here we show you some of the most powerful cognitive biases we use in behavioural marketing:

Anchoring bias

Imagine you are at an auction and you see an item presented with a surprisingly high starting price. This is a classic example of anchoring bias in action. People tend to rely excessively on the first information they receive, even if this information is inaccurate or misleading. At Incognito, we know how to use this bias to create irresistible offers that make your customers see your products or services as valuable from the start.👉

Example of anchor bias

An online shop selling watches uses anchoring bias by initially displaying a price of 500 euros for a luxury watch. It then cuts the price to €299, which makes buyers perceive this as a big discount and be more inclined to buy.

Confirmation bias

The tendency to seek information that confirms our existing beliefs is a fundamental part of how we process information. At our agency, we use this bias to reinforce the positive perception of your brand. We design messages and content that reinforce the beliefs and values your audience already holds, creating a stronger and more lasting connection.👉

Example of confirmation bias

A health food company uses confirmation bias when providing information on how its product aligns with a healthy lifestyle. This reinforces your customers' beliefs about the importance of healthy eating and makes them more likely to buy your products.

Loss aversion bias

Most people prefer to avoid losses rather than seek equivalent gains. At Incognito, we create strategies that make your customers feel like they can't afford to miss out on an offer. Offering satisfaction or money-back guarantees is an effective way to exploit this bias, as it reduces the customer's perceived risk.👉

Example of loss aversion bias

One software company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. This eliminates risk for customers who may be hesitant and encourages them to try the product, as they know they can get a refund if they are not satisfied.

Overconfidence bias

People often overestimate their own skills and knowledge. In marketing, this can translate into greater confidence in your product or service. At Incognito, we use this bias to strengthen your customers' trust in your offer. We show how your product or service can effectively solve their problems and meet their needs, increasing their confidence in the choice they are making.👉

Example of overconfidence bias

An online training company uses the overconfidence bias by showing testimonials from successful students who have made great strides in their careers after taking their courses. This increases the confidence of potential students in the effectiveness of the courses on offer.

Why choose Incognito

At Incognito, we’re not only leaders in behavioural marketing, we’re also passionate about helping you achieve your goals.

Our experts are constantly researching the latest trends in cognitive bias and marketing strategies to provide you with cutting-edge solutions.

With our customer-centric approach, we are committed to bringing you tangible and measurable results.
Don’t wait any longer to harness the power of behavioural marketing in your business.

Our behavioural marketing services

At Incognito, we are experts in behavioural marketing and use cognitive biases to create highly engaging and persuasive messages and experiences. Here’s how we do it:

análisis de comportamiento

1. Advanced behavioural analysis:

We conduct in-depth analysis of your customers' behaviour, using advanced data and tools to identify cognitive biases that may be relevant to your business.
This analysis provides you with valuable information about your audience and their decision-making patterns.

mensajes personalizados

2. Designing customised messages and experiences:

Once we have identified your audience's cognitive biases, we create highly personalised messages and experiences that are tailored to their needs and desires.
These messages will resonate deeply with your target audience and encourage them to take action.

3. Testing and continuous optimisation:

Continuous improvement is an essential part of our approach. We use A/B testing and other optimisation techniques to constantly improve the performance of your campaigns. This ensures that we are always one step ahead in adapting to the changing needs of your audience and that we maximise conversions at all times.

What are you waiting for?

Trust Incognito for customised solutions, effective strategies and tangible results.

We will work with you to boost your online business, increase your visibility and achieve your business goals.

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