Press and public relations office

At Incógnito we understand the relationship between companies and the media because we come from a Press Office and Public Relations (PR) background.

We have been innovating for 25 years to know that public relations services are not the same as they were years ago. Modern PR must be agile, flexible and controlled. Useful, in short. We know that PR (Public Relations) is relevant for corporate communication and brand positioning in the market.

We provide press office services to medium-sized companies, multinationals, start-ups and IBEX-35 companies, because we understand that credibility is built with a good -and healthy- relationship with journalists and the media.

Our public relations services include:

Corporate communications consultancy.
Definition, optimisation and drafting of basic corporate messages.
Drafting and distribution of press releases to target journalists.
Management of media interviews.
Drafting of press releases and opinion articles.
Organising and convening press conferences and meetings with the media.
Search and detection of special reports in the media, in order to favour the appearance of our clients in them.
Follow-up of the impact obtained in the media (also called press clipping).
Trying to do things the same-as-always is not to understand neither the companies’ stakeholders nor the journalists. And, of course, not understanding the clients of communication agencies. Dealing with stakeholders should be based on collaboration and recognition of the role of the media and the professionals who work in them.

What do we do?