How Taylor Swift has become a marketing icon, Milei’s scourge and SEO muse: Taylor beyond music.

Taylor Swift, one of the most influential artists in contemporary pop music, has left a mark that transcends the boundaries of the music industry. From her beginnings, with the release of her eponymous album Taylor Swift in 2006 (when she was only 14 years old), to the present day, the artist has proven to be much more than a pop star. Thanks to the connection he has been able to create with his audience, his influence has extended into marketing, economics and politics.

Let’s start with his musical career. Nearing her two-decade anniversary, Swift has proven to be very prolific and multi-faceted, evolving from her country beginnings (when she became the youngest country artist to be signed to a major label, Big Machine Records) to become a bona fide pop star.

Songs like “Love Story” and “You Belong with Me” catapulted her to stardom and earned her several awards, including the Grammy for Best Country Album for “Fearless” in 2010. Her ability to tell personal stories through her lyrics (all written and composed by her) has gone around the world, connecting with millions of people, especially with the younger audience, which has led her to become a role model.

The power of STORYTELLING is reflected in its songs and the true meaning of the “overused” anglicism anglicism INFLUENCER is Taylor Swift.

Thus, the artist has been described by the media as part of a movement of young women who have given music to a new generation of fans in search of their identity.

In the musical arena Taylor has not only been able to reinvent himself. Throughout her career she has been able to fight against her first record company by taking back full control of her work with the album “Fearless (Taylor’s version)”, she has managed to surpass the 11 number 1s that Barbara Streisand achieved during her career, she has released 11 albums, she has performed more than 100 concerts…and we could go on with her enormous record in the musical field, but Taylor Swift is more than that.

Taylor Swift as a brand

Taylor Swift is not just a pop star, which is soon to be said, but a brand in her own right, thanks in large part to her ability to reinvent herself and stay relevant in an industry as volatile as music.

Their success is largely due to the perfect combination of talent, marketing and personal branding. Taylor Swift is a solid brand that goes beyond music: her iconic red lipstick, her cowboy boots, her blonde hair, or even her wardrobe, are examples of the various elements that identify her, as well as each of her facets and moments of her life.

His authenticity and the connection with his followers are his main tools within a strategy that he has been able to communicate perfectly through social networks. It could be defined as the marketing strategy that every company would want.

And when the going gets tough, his team is there to divert attention away from controversies and turn them into opportunities. An example would be when gossip began to talk about the environmental impact of the singer’s travels in her private jet…then the conspiracy theory emerged.

Coincidence that the singer started dating a New York Jets player or SEO strategy to change internet search results that included “Jets + Taylor Swift”? Well, we won’t know…we only know that in this search there is no longer as much news about the carbon footprint and CO2 as there is about the romance between the singer and Travis Kelce.

Financial engine or how your concerts influence the economy

I wanted to dedicate a small section of this post (because your time is limited) to talk about the implications of the singer on the economy. Taylor Swift concerts are colossal events that not only provide entertainment, but also significantly boost the local economy wherever she goes. From massive ticket sales to the creation of temporary jobs, each tour translates into a considerable economic injection in the cities it visits.

TheReputation Stadium Tour, for example, grossed a whopping $345 million worldwide, making it one of the most successful tours of the decade. These numbers not only impact Swift directly, but also contribute to the local economy, generating temporary jobs in each city he visits, and revenue for hotels, restaurants and local businesses.

The political scourge, from Trump to Milei

And to finish here (although you have much more information in the vidcast of “la cueva de MOE”) we cannot overlook the movement of swiftie. Taylos Switft is also an influencer in the political arena.

As her career has progressed, Taylor Swift has gone from maintaining a neutral political stance to becoming an active supporter of various causes. His involvement in the 2018 and 2020 elections, as well as his support for causes such as LGBTQ+ rights and gender equality, has generated important conversations.

She once became a threat to Donald Trump during his campaign…in 2020, Swift was highly critical of Donald Trump’s provocative tweets and created a movement called Black Lives Matter. One more example of her positioning and ideology, which has led her to be considered among the leaders of political opinion in North America, with enormous influence on broad sectors of the population that previously remained on the sidelines and today vote en masse following her influences.

We have recently seen these influences reach the elections in Argentina where an army of swifties have positioned themselves strongly against Javier Milei’s proposal. Swift has demonstrated that public figures have a role in the political sphere, influencing their followers and challenging the perception that artists should remain apolitical.

In short, Swift is leaving an indelible mark on music, marketing, economics and politics. His ability to reinvent himself, his economic influence through his concerts, and his evolution into a leading political figure demonstrate that his impact goes beyond the musical notes. Swift is a cultural force that has shaped not only the entertainment industry, but also the way we understand the intersection between music, marketing and society. And there’s still plenty of Taylor Swift to go…..

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