Incognito will manage Eligo eVoting’s communications in Spain.

The Independent Agency will manage media relations for the leading company in electronic and online voting systems.

Incognito, the independent Context Marketing and Communications agency, has become, as of this June, the new communications and media relations agency for Eligo, the Italian leader in e-voting and iVoting systems.

Thanks to this agreement, Eligo eVoting aims to bring its complete electronic and online voting system to the Spanish market through its relationship with the media.

Eligo is a secure, legal and certified cloud and web-based digital voting platform, which allows the creation and management of any type of voting and deliberative and elective assemblies, according to the requirements of statutes and regulations, whether hybrid, remote or at the polling station. Validated by the Data Protection Authorities and with a series of certifications – ISO, Ens, Stripe Olt – that guarantee the robustness of the system in terms of security and privacy, the Eligo online voting platform combines technology and user experience to offer public and private organisations – Universities, Associations, Companies, Trade Unions, Town Councils, etc. – the possibility to implement voting and elective assemblies in just a few clicks, bringing efficiency to often complex processes and fostering participation, representativeness and inclusiveness.

The company has selected Incognito to introduce its complete voting system to the media and the market in general, as well as to launch the brand in the Spanish market. ‘Eligo has entrusted Incognito to introduce Eligo to the Spanish market and to promote our mission to transform the way people participate in democratic and decision-making processes, thanks to our secure, accessible and sustainable e-voting and online voting platform that promotes transparency, inclusion and efficiency at all levels of society’. comments Irene Pugliatti, CEO of Eligo.

“At Incógnito we are very happy to be able to add ELIGO to our client portfolio. More and more companies are trusting us to develop their communication and media relations in Spain. We are very grateful to ELIGO for the trust they have placed in us and we are sure that we will be part of the success of this new client’ says Jorge López, Incógnito CEO.

About Eligo

Eligo is a complete eVoting and iVoting system that has become an international market standard. The secure, legal and certified cloud and web-based platform allows the creation and management of any type of voting and deliberative and elective assembly – provided for by the Statutes and Bylaws – in hybrid, fully remote or polling station form. The Eligo system combines technology, user-centred approach and service design to offer a wide range of different ways to express the vote. Since 2005, it has conducted 45,000 online votes on behalf of more than 4,500 customers, involving 20 million voters, an average of more than 10 elections per day.

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