Jorge López M-C, new director of Incognito

  • The independent agency brings in the former SVP of LEWIS, who has been available since the end of 2021.

  • With this acquisition, the Communication and Digital Marketing firm headed by Carlos Molina reinforces its proposal for Communication and Marketing in Context services.

Independent communications and marketing agency Incógnito has announced the recent appointment of Jorge López M-C as Director, to take responsibility for the strategic development and marketing of the Spanish-based consultancy. Lopez comes from the multinational agency LEWIS, where he held a number of international senior management positions.

Jorge nota de prensa

“I am very happy to join this young project, which aims to provide context to digital marketing and communication in Spain. The main reason for my arrival has been Carlos Molina, one of the most brilliant minds in the sector and with whom I have wanted to work for a long time,” says López M-C. Other reasons are detailed here, in ‘Nota Mental’: Incógnito’s blog.

“In just two years we have seen the growing appetite of brands for innovative services that integrate marketing and communication tactics. Tactics aimed at increasing awareness, credibility and demand generation for consumer and B2B companies,” adds Carlos Molina, CEO of Incognito.

Jorge López M-C, in his almost 25 years of experience, has had the good fortune to work first as a journalist at Cinco Días and Actualidad Económica, and later as a communications and marketing consultant in various agencies for brands such as Nokia, Motorola and Salesforce, among others.

In the last 17 years, López M-C has held several international senior management positions at the multinational agency LEWIS, providing consultancy services to brands such as Samsung, Five Guys, Ebay and Sage, among others. Here is his detailed profile.

Context Communication

Incognito, which proposes its own approach to the market and calls it Context Communication, prioritises the analysis of what surrounds organisations in order to develop effective strategies by taking advantage of the context and the actors within it. Analysing, understanding, projecting, planning and measuring are the steps that constitute this procedure. It is applied in three areas: Communication, Marketing and Business, with an emphasis on services such as storytelling development, corporate training, internal communication and digital content generation.

Incognito has already had some interesting successes in its two years of life, having served both established and developing brands such as Saint-Gobain, Aqualand and ISDEFE, among others.

At the helm of Incógnito is Carlos Molina. With nearly twenty years of experience in the world of corporate communications, he has specialised in the development of strategic content and marketing plans. He was managing director of the agency Best, has worked as an independent consultant advising several communication agencies on business development and is an active lecturer. He collaborates with organisations such as the Asociación de Directivos de Comunicación (Dircom), the Escuela de Periodismo de Unidad Editorial, the Escuela Internacional de Comunicación (EIC) and the Universidat Jaume I de Castellón (UJI).

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