Launching a marketing and communication project in the midst of the worst economic crisis in decades seems a task for the brave and the optimistic. Time will tell if we are. Such a context is not chosen. It comes without conditions and that is what we have to adapt to. Incognito is born with that spirit and drive. We are a digital marketing and communication agency made up of veteran people who only know how to get by in this sector with the enthusiasm of newcomers and the same desire to change things as those who are not satisfied with what they have.

20 years of experience

In twenty years we have seen it all. We accelerated with the dotcom bubble and experienced the slowdown of that era of prosperity, technology, excess and much more innovation than some believe.

We are going through a phase of recovery and euphoria, in which the emergence of social networks changed our environment for good. We find ourselves with more ways to connect with audiences but also with the discovery that crises can appear in seconds and wipe out a project’s reputation without even realising it.

We reinvented ourselves after the difficult years following the financial and real estate crisis and prepared ourselves for a digital world which, in 2020, has once again been violently shaken up, altering all forecasts and forcibly accelerating the transformation of business.

What we have done over the last two decades in the world of marketing has been nothing more than to adapt to the context in order to continue offering solutions through communication.

We have done nothing but adapt to the context to offer solutions through communication.

Context Communication

It is this context that defines us and describes our business vision. There are no good or bad times. There are scenarios, situations that challenge us and force us to open up the paths along which we will continue to advance. We don’t want to go back to the old normal just as we don’t want to practice old marketing recipes. We want to practice what we call Context Communication: analysing our surroundings in order to develop strategies that achieve the possible goals for our clients by taking advantage of the context.

We don’t want to practice old marketing recipes. We want to practice Context Communication

Context Communication Infography

Marketing agencies, communication consultancies and digital strategy companies react with outdated proposals that seek to save their accounts rather than benefit their clients. Messages are repeated. Creativities are the same. Money goes down the drain and no one seems to understand the context.

As a communications and digital marketing agency, we know how to move in the short term to generate results and long-term relationships. At Incógnito we will bring transparency, commitment, trust and change. Over all, change. The world is no longer the same and agencies have been static for too long.

What do we mean by Context Communication?

  • Context Communication is to understand that change generates new contexts. By understanding the context we can plan marketing in the short, medium and long term to achieve objectives.
  • Context Communication is the application of scenario analysis to tailor messages to each circumstance, establishing more effective communication channels.
  • Context Communication is to work transversally with all areas of the company to make communication and digital marketing tools for adapting to change.

Our principles

Never before in the world of marketing and communication has experience been such a clear added value. We belong to a generation for whom technology is no longer a barrier. We have incorporated it naturally into our processes and see it as an enabler of objectives. Let all the necessary developments come because we will integrate them into our processes. What distinguishes us is having travelled certain paths before and knowing how to distinguish what we like from what we don’t like.

  • We do not want to follow dictation, but rather to contribute our knowledge as consultants with the utmost transparency and sincerity.
  • We do not want to isolate marketing and communication as if they were watertight compartments, but rather to integrate the tools and mechanisms of one and the other to provide integrated solutions.
  • We do not want to take refuge in the excuse of intangibles, but to provide ideas that deliver quantifiable results.
  • We do not only want to measure successes, but also failures.
  • We do not want to adopt conventional discourses on corporate communication, reputation and purpose, but to help evolve both the sector and the companies that require our services from approaches that are truly innovative. Even if it hurts.

And we want to do all this with the conviction that, although this is a business, we want to enjoy it and create a space where colleagues, partners and clients feel comfortable, respected and privileged.

For now, what is certain is this. The future is Incognito.

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