Spokespeople training

Speaking effectively in public on behalf of a company or organisation does not depend on one’s innate talent.

The skills to manage verbal and non-verbal language can be learned, trained and improved.

At Incógnito we specialise in designing and delivering spokesperson training courses for both intermediate and senior management profiles.

We help you to be effective communicating in a natural way.

How to talk to media and target audiences

The media are essential for building, reinforcing and even destroying the reputation of brands and individuals.

In order to achieve an optimal relationship with journalists, influencers and the community itself (target audiences), transparency, mutual respect and the management of the essential keys to communicate effectively are necessary.

In Incognito’s spokespeople training courses, we prepare spokespeople for public speaking engagements. We help them to perform naturally in journalistic interviews, online forums, physical events and professional speeches.

At Incógnito we try to balance practical training through situation simulations with theoretical content that spokespersons can use in the short, medium and long term. In the last two years alone, we have trained more than 300 professionals in the Spanish market who have learned to better construct their speeches and messages.

What are our spokespeople training courses like?

What do they solve?

Theoretical training

The spokesperson training course includes a theoretical and a practical part.

The theoretical part is based on the analysis of the basic aspects of communication. It analyses the media landscape and its latest developments, the journalist’s working environment and the conditions necessary for news generation.

This part of the course also covers the elements that favour the distribution of news in social networks. In this way, we give participants an understanding of the world of journalists and the way they do their job, providing them with background information to prepare for future interviews and public interventions.

Practical training

The practical part of the spokesperson training course focuses on the application of the verbal and non-verbal communication techniques previously covered.

We carry out simulated face-to-face interviews, which are recorded on video and subsequently analysed together with each participant.

Each participant can then put into practice the hints and tips we have previously given them, using their strengths and disguising their weaknesses.

Here we help spokespersons transform corporate messages into a personal and relevant voice for the media. In this process we advise each spokesperson on their relations with journalists and on the main interviewing techniques.

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