The secret of Netflix marketing: strategies and success

Who would have imagined ten years ago that, today, we would be paying to watch streaming movies and series? There is no one who has not heard of Netflix. The platform accumulates millions of subscribers around the world, who have decided to switch from television to on-demand broadcasts in order to watch series and movies.

The emergence of Netflix has been one of the most influential factors in the enormous change in the broadcasting of audiovisual content in the last decade. It is also one of the companies that best carries out its marketing and advertising strategy. From guerrilla marketing to collaborations with brands and influencers, it has taken its actions to another level of boldness and surprise that many other companies from the most diverse sectors have ended up following.

But what is it about this brand that has made it so successful among young and not-so-young people? In this post we tell you the keys that allows them to achieve it.

Netflix’s marketing strategy approach:

In terms of Netflix’s digital marketing strategy, its intention is to create and maintain strong brand relationships with its customers. One way is by publishing funny messages in its advertising campaigns. The company usually opts for jokes, jokes and references such as those we have seen on large canvases on buildings in major Spanish cities, as was the case with the promotion of the “Machos Alfa” series.

Netflix marketing canvas

In this case, the company bet on humor and comedy, and made the concept of the ‘alpha male’ the pillar on which to expand the story and offer unique marketing and communication experiences in media such as television or outdoor advertising.

Another of the company’s most frequently used tools are Social Media. Netflix has profiles on the main ones: Instagram, X, Facebook and YouTube. In them, they promote content that increases engagement with their audience. Their style and personality have broken the mold on more than one occasion, differentiating themselves in part from the digital marketing strategy of their competitors.

We have already talked to you in another post about guerrilla marketing, something that Netflix does very well. With it, they seek to capture the attention of those who are simply taking a walk, are on their way to work or are playing sports. This type of actions are unconventional and are endowed with great creativity, capable of generating a good promotion for your brand. This is the case of the mythical and controversial tarpaulin that was deployed years ago in Puerta del Sol to announce the first season of “Narcos”.

Narcos_Netflix marketing strategies

One of their strengths is the large amount of original content and the success they have. To do so, they invest heavily (including budget) to offer a differential value compared to the rest of the exclusive content of the competition.

Differentiation is not only achieved with series like “House of Cards,” “Sense8” or “The Crown,” of course. It also does it with marketing. Netflix is very clear that the strategy in this area is essential to build subscriber loyalty by making its content more attractive and attracting new consumers.

The multinational’s success is not only due to its technology, but also to a carefully designed strategy. From content marketing and personalization to experiential marketing and influencer collaborations, Netflix uses a wide variety of tactics to stay at the forefront of the entertainment industry. By understanding and leveraging market trends, Netflix continues to captivate its audience and consolidate its position as a leader in the streaming world.

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