The 7 Best Christmas Ad Campaigns of 2021

Christmas is here. And with it come the best Christmas advertising campaigns, ready to surprise us. The streets shine with their Christmas lights. The stores are crowded with people. And in each hand of each one of us he carries Christmas bags and packages, wrapped in colored paper.

Christmas is a fantastic time for advertising, as brands go all out to convince us to choose that product or service we didn’t have and which seems essential to spread happiness among friends, family and loved ones. Great (and little) ad creatives! Put your big (and small) brains to recover the Christmas spirit and excite the consumer! Quick, serve up your best Christmas ads, they’re ending! Some Christmas advertising campaigns have become memorable, such as Isabel Preyler’s Ferrero Rocher or Freixenet’s bubbles.

It is these memorable Christmas campaigns that become part of our tradition, just like the Lottery, the Epiphany parade or the grapes in front of the television. It is these Christmas advertisements that recover values such as love, friendship, family, union and solidarity. And this year 2021, after a long and particularly difficult season for everyone, the announcements have focused on that slow return to normality, or rather, the new normality, as the pandemic is still with us.

“This year, after a long season that has been particularly difficult for everyone, the Christmas adverts have focused on that slow return to normality”.

These are (for us) the best Christmas advertising campaigns in 2021:

1.- National Lottery

The Lotería Nacional Christmas spot is always one of the most emotional and eagerly awaited each year. In 2021, it has opted to show solidarity, generosity and illusion by transporting itself to the Baztan Valley in Navarre, where the protagonists are the residents of a small village surrounded by nature and snow.

We share our luck with those with whom we share our lives” is the slogan of this Christmas advertisement in which the villagers give each other tickets anonymously, showing us a united society in the most difficult moments.

2.- Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola’s Christmas ad is another of the most eagerly awaited. This year, its slogan is “Christmas is magical when we share it” and highlights generosity, togetherness, childhood innocence, teamwork and happiness to appeal to the viewer’s feelings and recall the spirit of Christmas.

Coca-Cola has united a whole neighbourhood in the construction of a magic chimney representing the values of Christmas and the importance of the bonds between people.

3. Campofrío

Campofrío has quickly made a name for itself among Christmas advertisements. Their now traditional Christmas campaigns fill us with emotion (and some patriotic feeling), and are capable of stirring our feelings.

The 2021 Christmas advert stars actor Karra Elejalde, is entitled ‘Acojonados’, and its slogan is “Let nothing and no one take away our way of enjoying life“. An invitation to enjoy all that life has to offer, leaving aside the fears that limit us, especially in the wake of the pandemic.

4.- El Corte inglés

El Corte Inglés wanted to promote its toy catalogue in a very special way: recreating the fable of the hare and the tortoise through a grandfather and his grandson. The hare is represented with the energy of the child and the tortoise with the wisdom of the grandfather, thus creating a bridge between generations.

The ad ends with an endearing message: “Does the hare win or does the tortoise get caught?

5.- Amazon

“Kindness, the greatest gift” is the slogan of this Amazon advert, which seeks to remind us that kindness and goodness are the best gifts we can give at Christmas. In addition, the advert is set to the soundtrack of British singer Adele’s latest single, ‘Hold On’.

6.- Suchard

Suchard wanted to remind us that “this year we are finally going to be able to say in person what we have not said before”, referring to the fact that the pandemic has forced us to be more separated from our loved ones at this time of year. Hence its slogan: “Don’t be left wanting, tell them with Suchard”.

Their spot invites us to show our affection to all the people around us, not to be left wanting and to do so through the messages printed on their tablets.

7.- Ruavieja

The Ruavieja advert has also been one of the most prominent during the Christmas season. A spot full of nods to everyday life and the loneliness experienced during the pandemic, directed by Isabel Coixet.

This year, they have replaced the ‘more’ in their traditional slogan with a ‘better’ that tries to value the quality of the time we share rather than the quantity of it: “I don’t want to see you more, I want to see you better”.

What have been your favourite campaigns this Christmas? Have you been surprised by any of them in particular? Tell us!

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