7 common marketing and advertising sins

To commit mistakes is human, but the most important thing is to recognize the errors and try to correct them. We tend to make mistakes in many aspects of life, personally, financially and even in the work environment. Fortunately, in our profession as communicators, creatives or publicists “we don’t send rockets to the moon” as a former boss used to say, meaning that most of our mistakes could be solved.

But how many times is it necessary to stumble over the same stone to notice it and change course?

In our latest episode of The MOE Cave, we explore the 7 most common mistakes that are made over and over again in the marketing and advertising industry.

We made the most of the feast of San Publicito and Santa Publicita as an excuse to give them a more dramatic and “religious” touch and turn them into the 7 peccadilloes of marketing and advertising. Ready to identify them?

1. Tactics over of strategy: Creativity is essential, but not at the expense of strategy. Sometimes, we get carried away by the passion of a creative idea without considering its alignment with the strategic objectives of the campaign.

2. Creativity over strategy: Appreciating the visual art is key, but when the effectiveness takes precedence over the effectiveness, we lose the purpose of the communication. Strategy should be the guiding light for creativity, not the other way around.

3. “As promises are promises”: Customer management is crucial, but how many concessions are we willing to make? Sometimes, because of the dynamics of the project, we give in too much, and that can affect the final quality of the campaign.

4.Limitless promotion: We all make mistakes. In our profession, sharing these mistakes with humility can become a necessary penance, but also a valuable lesson for growth.

5. Weekend competition: Competitions can be irresistible, but lack of time or resources can turn them into a sixth sin. It is vital to strike a balance between the tempting and the feasible in order to avoid frustration.

6.Call it “X”: Naming properly is an art. Sometimes, due to lack of time or resources, we commit unintentional peccadilloes in naming, but when it is intentional, it becomes a cardinal sin.

7. Designs that make a mark: Brand design is the aesthetic surgery of advertising. The maximum condensation of content in minimum elements. Here, it is crucial to be fine-tuned and to avoid similarities with the competition.

Remember, San Publicito and Santa Publicita guide us, but we must also be firm with the legal ones and limit promotions. Creativity and strategy, when they dance in harmony, create campaigns that transcend advertising noise.

If you’ve already confessed your sins, we’ll read you in a future post or we’ll wait for you in the MOE Cave.

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