Branding Boost for startups

Many startups go through similar stages along their trajectory. One of the most critical is the moment when they make a leap in visibility or awareness. It is then when they stop being a good idea with a developed proposal to become reliable companies with a solid offer.

For the former, it is essential to have vision, technological capacity and knowledge, a team with which to move forward and financial support. For the latter, the product must be supported with more than just commercial effort: it requires a brand image, a unique discourse and the ability to reach target audiences.

We know how to identify startups’ needs

Incognito is the right partner to make that leap. We specialize in working with fast-growing, technology-based companies to align their marketing needs with the speed at which their business is evolving.

We know how to identify the needs and opportunities of startups to apply them in building their brand and narrative. We conceptualize, develop and drive your branding with a range of services tailored to your circumstances.

Why is branding important for a startup?

Startups usually have limited resources to grow in their early stages of development. They start with an idea to activate a minimum viable product from which to scale the business.

They need to accelerate sales generation and make their proposal attractive to both investors and their target audience. At this early stage, the time they have to build their image is minimal and they cannot give it the attention it requires.

However, going from a small and exciting project to a solid and evolving one requires a combination of elements, among which branding is fundamental.

It helps to reflect the proposal accurately, to give solvency to the company’s offer and to improve the company’s visibility in the eyes of the public of interest.

Branding is more than just a beautiful and modern image: it is the whole ecosystem of resources that define, unfold and articulate the company’s messages. What are you waiting for to take advantage of it?

The three dimensions of effective branding

The development of a branding process must take into account three important dimensions to build the image and the discourse or storytelling of the company in a successful way:

How we boost startups at Incógnito

At Incógnito we are experts in defining and shaping the brand in all its dimensions. Do you want to know how are our Branding Boost processes for startups?

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