Crisis Communication

In a world where everything can change in a matter of seconds, it is essential to be proactive and strategic.

We live in the Age of Uncertainty, which forces us to anticipate any reputational crisis that calls into question the values of our brand. Crisis communication is essential to manage reputational attacks on companies.

Particularly in a world where information spreads quickly, thanks to social networks and online media.

At Incógnito we can help you manage your brand’s reputation, developing crisis communication plans to anticipate moments of uncertainty. If a company has a well-articulated crisis strategy, it will be able to better manage its communication problems by anticipating them, being proactive and preventing the brand’s image from being damaged.

We support you in managing a crisis with effective, creative and innovative communication. We believe that the key to successfully dealing with a communication crisis is to anticipate the problem and plan its effects and solutions in the face of an adverse situation.

How can I improve my crisis communication management? 

We like to think outside the box to anticipate crises. Even more so in this multi-screen, omni-channel environment. A reputation crisis can originate in Tiktok, your customer service department, a factory or the board of directors itself.

The key to solving a communication crisis is to have a plan to anticipate the problem… and to manage the necessary resources to act in different communication environments: whether on social networks or in front of journalists from regional, national or international media, in the worst case scenario.

Our team of communications and marketing professionals will be able to help you manage your crisis communications thanks to our 25 years of experience advising airlines, listed companies, utilities and energy companies, technology giants and real estate developers.

We will provide you with the necessary communication strategies and develop comprehensive crisis communication plans to best prepare your organisation or company for any risk situation. We believe that crisis situations require a strategic approach to prepare for any situation or circumstance. To do this, we help you in making decisions to minimise the negative impact.

When is crisis communication necessary?

If you are concerned about the reputation of your company or its management team, you should hire a crisis communication plan as a preventive measure. You may never need it… Or, by having a crisis plan in place, you may be able to resolve most crises without it coming to light.

To deal with communication crises, we assess risk scenarios, create crisis plans, develop basic messages and Qs&As documents, train spokespersons and follow up on social networks to monitor all fronts susceptible to attack.

The aim is to anticipate crises and prepare solutions in the shortest possible time. Here are some scenarios of reputational crises:

  • Scandals involving a member of the management team or the Board.
  • Environmental scandals.
  • Financial scandals.
  • Fatal accidents.
  • Food crises.
  • Employee strikes.
  • Defective production and/or product recalls.
  • Reputational crises on social media.
  • Sex scandals.
  • Workplace harassment.

We will guide you through all the phases we may encounter during a crisis: analysis and risk prevention, preparation, development, resolution and healing.

What are we looking for with this assistance? 

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