How to attract customers to your website: landing pages, pillar pages and topic clusters

Did you know that content marketing generates 3 times more leads than traditional marketing and costs 62% less? Within the content marketing methodology, there are several resources that play an important role, from attraction to conversion. Many companies use landing pages to attract new leads, which will generate a future conversion of these leads into customers.

We know that customers are a fundamental element of our business. Nowadays, attracting customers online has become a real odyssey, as most companies already have an online presence and it is very difficult to stand out or gain a foothold among the competition. But while it may seem complicated, it does not mean that it is impossible.

What is important to attract clients? Your landing page, as a direct content space to which we drive campaign traffic, has to make the consumer curious about why they should click on your URL. Millions of companies around the world use this tool to attract and convert potential users. It is one of the most widely used marketing tools for conversion.

“Your landing page has to make the consumer curious about why they should click on your URL”.

Pillar pages & topic clusters

To help you get the results you want, a game-changing idea revolves around pillar pages and topic clusters, which are different forms of landing pages and facilitate the development of your content strategy.

What is a pillar page? At the centre of each content node, there should be a pillar page from which all other pages are derived. These pages are key within a website, as it is usually here that the real purpose of the website is achieved, such as to publicise the services offered or to display a list of products. The content of a pillar page is usually longer than that of a conventional landing page and the purpose of the pages that surround it and form the cluster is to lead the user to it by providing related information.

Pillar pages are a model that adds up and helps to find information much more easily. We believe that any company that has content on the internet should try it out.

What is a topic cluster? Topic cluster refers to the organisation of several pages of a site around a certain theme. These pages are linked to each other.

Optimising a landing page

To get the most out of all of the above, you need to know the most relevant components of a landing page. In addition, you should make sure that the landing page is clear and short, so that it is easy for the customer to use. Please note the following ideas:

  • Create eye-catching and original headlines for your landing page

For some clients the headline of a landing page is the most important thing, as it will quickly attract consumers. This headline should add a little curiosity.

  • Use multimedia formats

Multimedia formats are the different media formats through which information can be accessed. These range from video to audio formats, also adapted to the mobile environment. It is important that videos appear at the top of the home page so that potential customers do not waste time searching for what they are really interested in.

  • Focus on what you can deliver

Your customers will pay more attention if you tell them what you are going to do and how you will improve their company’s results.

  • Landing page creativity

It is important to be creative when designing your landing page. Use words that show why your business is not like the rest and why it is beneficial to your customers. You need to give your customers content that is easy to understand and that is not long and complicated.

  • Use images that play to your advantage

Remember that visual support will help you to attract users; it will also give them a clear idea of what you offer.

It is important to use the latest digital marketing strategies to attract quality traffic to the different platforms we manage, so that visitors can be converted into potential customers.

In conclusion, using these tools allows you to give clear and efficient answers to users, thus improving their experience on your website. In addition, you will get them to stay longer on your page, as the pillar page has links that answer different searches in detail.

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