In search of the Sherlock Holmes of Communication: how to choose the perfect consultant

Have you ever found yourself in the situation of looking for a Communication Consultant and feeling as lost as a Penguin in the wilderness? Don´t worry! We are here to guide you on this mission and make sure you find the ‘Sherlock Holmes’ of Communication, the person who will make your messages as clear as daylight and as impactful as a last minute goal.

The first thing is to find out if your company needs an all-rounder in Communication who can handle everything from Social Media to reputational crises, or if you prefer a specialist in a specific area: Press Office, Internal Communication, Public Relations, ESG, Social Media, etc. If so, each speciality is like a unique superpower. Look for a consultant who can boast of his or her exploits and successes in the field you are interested in.

In any case, it is extremely important that your advisor knows the sector of your organisation or project like the back of his or her hand. The more the better! Every industry is a world full of peculiarities and unique challenges in terms of communication. A consultant who is a true expert in your industry will be able to offer you tailor-made and more effective solutions.

Las Cuatro Claves Fundamentales

1. Word Magician

The ability to communicate is fundamental, so you need a real master of words. Your Consultant must be able to turn a boring communication into a masterpiece that captures the attention of everyone from the intern to the CEO. This master of language must have the ability to transform the mundane into something extraordinary, to make an internal newsletter sound as exciting as a bestseller and a press release more addictive than your favourite series. Watch carefully how he or she expresses himself or herself, both in person and in writing. Look at their storytelling ability, their use of language and how they manage to keep you hooked.

2. Market Radar

A good communication consultant must have a market radar as finely tuned as that of a veteran explorer who has travelled all corners of the world. They should not only be aware of current trends, but also anticipate future trends. They should know the challenges facing your industry like the back of their hand and spot the most hidden opportunities before anyone else does. Imagine your consultant as a treasure hunter, always on the lookout for the next big thing that can benefit your business. From changing consumer preferences to new regulations and technological advances, nothing should escape them. So when you are looking for your Communication Guru, make sure they have a deep and up-to-date knowledge of the ground they are treading on, because in this game, information is power and your advisor should be your infallible compass.

3. MacGyver-like Creativity

You need someone who can do magic with few resources, like the legendary MacGyver. Creativity is the key to standing out in a message-saturated world, and your consultant must be able to transform a simple clip into a brilliant Communication strategy. Creativity is not just about making something beautiful. It’s about doing something that captures the attention and sticks to your audience’s mind. Look for examples of how they have solved creative challenges in the past and note their ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. If they can turn a complex problem into a brilliant opportunity with their ingenuity, then you have found your very own MacGyver of communication.

4. Impact Analyst

It is not enough to throw messages in the air like confetti. You need to know if they are really having any effect. This is where your impact analyst, the Sherlock Holmes of data, comes in. A good consultant, in addition to creating brilliant messages, must measure their impact with surgical precision. They need to be able to read data like a magician reads a crystal ball, detecting what is working and what needs to be improved. This involves the analysis of key metrics such as Reach, Engagement, Conversions and more. But it does not stop there: they must be agile enough to adjust strategies on the fly according to the results obtained. Think of them as a DJ at a party, adjusting the music to keep everyone on the dance floor.

Choosing the right communication consultant may seem like a daunting task, but with these tips, you’re more than ready to find the perfect candidate. Remember: you need someone with experience, communication skills, market knowledge, creativity, analytical skills, a good network, compatibility with your team and, above all, flexibility.

With the right consultant, your messages will not only be heard, they will resonate like never before. And if the task becomes complicated, you may need, rather than a one-off consultant, a good Agency that multiplies your capabilities and brings you new approaches. Want a chat?

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