From social media to epic events: uncovering the mysteries of external corporate communication

In any company, regardless of its size and sector, communication plays a fundamental role. It is one of the basic pillars for the good functioning of the organisation.

But what is external communication? External communication is like the art of telling everyone what is going on in your company. It is the way an organisation presents itself in public, as if on a blind date, but with customers, investors, and even that curious aunt who always asks too many questions.

external corporate communication

External communication tools

There is a vast array of internal communication tools.

Intranets are a highly effective mechanism for the exchange of information between employees and their managers. Internal magazines, the onboarding manual and even the notice board are other examples to keep employees informed.

But what are the most common tools for external communication? Here comes a relationship that only works when the mix between them and the strategy is right:

Social Networking:

The social media gym. This is where we train to be fit for the digital world. Platforms such as Facebook, X, Instagram, LinkedIn and others are essential for interacting with customers, sharing news, promoting products and building an online community.


Blogs allow companies to share valuable content, tell stories, and establish themselves as experts in their industry. They are a space where the company can communicate its values and news in a more extensive way.

Press releases:

Through these documents, companies inform the media and the public about important events, product launches, changes in management, among others. They are a key tool for generating media coverage. It is like sending an important message to your group of friends but, in this case, the group is an audience of media outlets and their journalists.


Participating in events, conferences, trade fairs and sponsoring local activities are ways to interact directly with the community and establish face-to-face connections.


Email remains a powerful tool. Newsletters are a direct way to keep customers informed about promotions, company news and relevant content.

The key functions of external corporate communication

External communication has a communication plan whose objective is to promote the company’s qualities and the most outstanding novelties in order to improve its image and stand out from the competition. On the other hand, the five main functions of external communication are as follows:

Customer relations:

In the business world, the relationship with the customer is sacred. External communication facilitates direct connection with customers, whether through social media, informative emails or events. Customer loyalty is built on a company’s ability to communicate its commitment and attention to customer needs.

Building trust and credibility:

Trust is a company’s most valuable asset, and external communication is its main ambassador. Consistency in messaging, transparency and authenticity are key tools for building and maintaining trust and credibility in the eyes of the public.

Liaise with the media:

The media have a direct impact on the company’s image. In order to maintain good external communication, it is essential to select the appropriate means of communication and to maintain a friendly and cordial relationship.

Improving relations with the general public:

Effective external communication with the general public, from consumers to investors, social organisations and opinion groups, is important to maintain a good image of your company.

Promotion and marketing:

From advertising campaigns to event participation, external communication drives marketing and promotional initiatives. It is the loudspeaker that amplifies the company’s achievements, products and values, attracting the attention of the target audience.

External communication is the life of the corporate party, making sure that everyone enjoys and wants to be part of the celebration. So, ready to dance on the corporate stage? The dance floor is open, and external communication is the star everyone wants to follow! Shall we help you with it?

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