Podcast: which format is better audio or video?

A week ago my laptop was stolen along with all my belongings and I was about to finish what would become this #NotaMentalNote post. My ideal scenario would have been to tell my experience in an episode of the Incognito podcast, taking advantage of its reach and, of course, the popularity of the format. That’s why in this post I’d like to talk about precisely that, the famous podcast, the differences between audio and video podcasting, as well as the trends that are very much in sight for 2023.

Here at the agency we launched a survey to find out which format was most popular among our followers and, to our surprise, the favourite format continues to be audio. 58% of the votes were for audio and 42% for video podcast. 58% of the votes were for audio and 42% for video podcast. Is video gaining ground over audio or is it just a myth?

This race to be the best format reminds me of what happened with Twitch in its heyday. The first platform natives, dedicated to playing video games and streaming to show off their skills, were gradually invaded by other formats or approaches, such as generic interviews, cooking recipes, music tutorials or ASMR, among others. As a result, they left a wide range of content and free on-demand formats for the infinite tastes of the public.

What is clear is that there is a difference between audio and video podcasting and that, like any comparison, there are advantages and disadvantages to each.

Advantages and disadvantages of audio and video podcasting

  • Audio is an easier format to consume than video. You don’t need to be in front of a screen to do it and, while enjoying it, you can do many activities, from driving, to walking, to running, to working. If we were to give way to the imagination, audio offers many more advantages.
  • Much has been said about the fact that we are visual creatures and there is no denying the power of images. A message through a video podcast could have far greater power and impact.
  • Social networks such as Instagram or TikTok prioritise video content. Therefore, having video clips extracted from your podcast can benefit you in the promotion and broadcasting of your podcast through social channels.
  • The video podcast requires more production and investment to create or decorate the recording area or studio, including lights, camera and decorative elements, among others.

Deciding between one format or another will depend on your objectives and possibilities, but what you should bear in mind are the trends that, since late 2022, have already been influencing the production of this type of programme. They will undoubtedly continue to be very present this year.

2023 podcast trends

At this point in January, and even since the end of 2022, there are already many articles and news with a long list of trends for this year, including competition between platforms, and the optimisation of machine learning to improve recommendation algorithms, fine-tuning suggestions depending on listeners’ behaviour. However, from Incognito we want to highlight two.

  • Agency Podcast

If brands have their own podcasts and some famous personalities or influencers do too, why shouldn’t marketing, advertising or communication agencies have their own? We are not referring to big influential media podcasts, such as Vanity Fair, which uses it as another medium to generate exclusive content of great interest to its target audience, but to podcasts created and produced by the agencies themselves.

Venturing into this field allows you to have a greater coverage and to reach many more people. It also helps to position yourself within the sector and, why not, to attract clients. What better way to sell a service than by showing the results?

  • Live podcast recording

We have already seen the uptake of video podcasting and its huge growth among content creators. So why not monetise the recording of episodes? Live podcasts are becoming a mode of cultural entertainment and an opportunity to connect with audiences, as well as offering a better experience. Whether in large venues or in more intimate spaces, this trend is bringing consumers and creators together in the same space, generating a unique experience capable of building loyalty among many users.

Let’s see if the next post we’ll voice it for you and start our own podcast.

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