3 curious tools you should know if you work in a marketing agency (Part 2)

A couple of months ago we shared with you in Nota Mental 4 tools that were going to change your day to day at the office (and you loved it). We promised you that there was going to be part 2 and as promised, today we bring you 3 interesting tools for the office. There you go!

1. FontJoy

We know that at some point you have had to put together a presentation or a document in which you can freely choose the typefaces and you have gone out of your mind to see which ones combine best with each other.

With this tool, you won’t have that problem anymore! FontJoy is a totally free tool that automatically makes different combinations of fonts that match each other. Combining matching fonts together has a much bigger impact on whoever is reading it than you might think. Different fonts can be used to attract attention, direct the eye or even form the foundation of a brand identity.

From this tool, they point out the fonts that you should never combine, such as those that are very similar to each other, as they can cause a visual conflict. At the same time, combining fonts that have absolutely nothing to do with each other is not a good idea either, as things that are perceived as random and disorderly decisions tend to generate discomfort.

So if you don’t want to make a mistake the next time you have to design something, or develop a branding, we recommend 100% that you use FontJoy.

Example of three combined fonts.

2. Icons8

We are fascinated by this tool because you can find absolutely everything you need to become the king/queen of design (of any kind).

As soon as you log in, you see this message: “1,199,000 free icons that match each other“. Yes, you read that right, more than a million free icons!

But it doesn’t stop here, as this platform not only has icons, but you can also find: illustrations, photos, royalty-free music, AI-generated faces and vector designs.

Not only can you find millions of resources for any kind of design, but the way to find them is extremely simple. That’s why we’re in love with it, and if one day we disappear, don´t worry, we’ll probably be browsing Icons8.

3. Shasta-Adobe

Finally, our beloved Adobe has created the Shasta Project. They define it as an audio tool for people who have a story to tell. In this project, you have a bunch of tools that will make your podcast sound pretty good. This AI-assisted tool allows you to do things like automatic audio transcriptions and direct edits of this text. Sounds cool, right?

Here at Incognito we are very excited, because since we have started our Podcast service we have discovered the audio difficulties that sometimes arise. Shasta has a voice audio enhancement feature. This feature allows you to remove any background noise and clean up your audios to make listening 10/10. It’s true that this function is not yet perfect, but it’s totally free and will get you out of trouble if you need it.

From Incognito: Way to go Shasta!

These are our recommendations for today’s 3 curious tools. We know you love these posts, so…. who knows if there will be a part 3?

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