What is the functioning principle of the Instagram Reels algorithm?

Micro videos have taken a special place among users’ content on social networks. More and more platforms are including this modality. The first social network to integrate this service was TikTok, followed by YouTube, which launched the YouTube Shorts platform, and finally last summer Instagram incorporated Instagram Reels into its application.

This platform is a format for users to create short, direct video content and a channel to drive advertising for companies.

In Spain there are 18.8 million users who use this platform to upload humorous videos, imitations, pranks on family members, talk about the year’s trends…

In Spain there are 18.8 million users who use this platform.

Today, Reels are very successful: companies are using them and audiences are consuming them every day. That’s why Instagram is prioritising them, so they can be a good way to reach a wider audience and build loyalty through creative content.

Due to the competition between two of the most important social networks -TikTok and Instagram-, we have to be aware of how the Reel algorithm works and from Incognito we are going to explain it to you.

What you should know about Instagram’s algorithm

We all know that Instagram’s content is governed by its algorithm, which determines which images or videos are relevant enough to be featured.

On Instagram’s official blog, the company explained that there is actually no single rule for interactions, but that it is true that algorithms are used for each section in order to give a personalised experience.

According to the company, two types of posts are prioritised in the feed: recent posts from people you follow, but also from people you don’t follow, but whose content might be of interest to you.

The algorithm takes a series of “signals”. Take note!

  • Posts that you have liked, commented on, shared or saved.
  • Information on the publication itself.
  • How often you interact with other accounts.
  • Time spent viewing a publication.
  • Tap on the profile picture after viewing a post from an account.

Like these, there are several actions, although it is important to keep in mind that Instagram gives a value of importance that varies over time depending on what you choose.

What about the Reels algorithm?

According to Meta, Reels are responsible for 20% of user activity on Instagram by 2022. In the case of the Reels, many of the points mentioned above are repeated, but there are some particularities that we are going to detail.

When your Reel is ready to be published, your goal has to be clear: to get the content more visibility to become featured by the application.

In addition to creating and sharing an original video with quality content and following the latest trends, it is important to apply some simple tricks to make your videos go viral:

  • Design a good cover and an attractive name.
  • Use hashtags and tags well in your video to get more views.
  • Create new versions by changing the theme, style or include music that is in fashion.

But you’ll have to be careful because Instagram penalises some content! Which ones? Those with third-party watermarks, videos of poor quality or violations of their rules of use.

Now that you know all these tricks, put them into practice. And pay attention to both what you should do to avoid the algorithm’s barriers, and what you should not do if you don’t want to lose all the work you have put in over the months.

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