X (Twitter) and Threads face to face: advantages and weaknesses

On July 10, Meta launched Threads, a microtext app to compete with Twitter. The new social network, which can be accessed with your Instagram account, looks very similar to Twitter and allows you to post messages of up to 500 characters, with links, images and videos of up to five minutes in length. But… How was the launch?

After 5 days of its launch, Threads had reached the record number of 100 million users, an important figure, since not even Chat GPT achieved so much. This Twitter competitor has achieved figures that some did not think it would achieve so quickly.

It is true that it only took a week for the so-called “Twitter threat” to begin to deflate, since the active users of this new network have fallen by 80% despite the records obtained in record time. In just one month of life, the Threads phenomenon has disappointed the majority of Twitterers who had high expectations for the platform.

Although, despite all the controversies and as we have mentioned, X continues to maintain loyal users with an intense use of more than 100 million active users on Android, with a daily usage time of 25 minutes per day.

But… What is the difference between the two?

The truth is that Meta’s social network is very similar to the social network of the little blue bird, but there are several notable changes. At Incognito we tell you what they are:

  1. Threads requires users to have an Instagram account. When creating a profile, it offers the option to import information from the biography and followers of the account.
  1. As we mentioned before, in the case of videos, in Instagram Threads you can post content up to 5 minutes, while in Twitter 2.20. If you are a Blue user, you will be able to upload content up to 60 minutes long.
  1. Elon Musk’s social network has some notable advantages: for example, you can see trends and other topics of interest, while Threads only allows you to access the wall.
  1. Threads has a 500-character limit, while Twitter offers a maximum of 280 characters for users who have not been verified and are not paying for the Twitter Blue service.
  1. One of the advantages of Threads is its link to Instagram’s huge database. When Instagram users create an account, they have an option to add profiles they already follow.
  1. Threads users will also be able to switch between the text app and Instagram. Posts on Threads can be shared to the user’s Instagram story or profile.
  1. Currently, Threads does not have the option to save drafts and it is not possible to view another user’s likes.
  1. Regarding X, one of the latest news has been that it plans to eliminate the headlines of links to articles and news published on the social network to improve the aesthetics of the ‘feed’, leaving only the main image and the link to the news.

In addition, Threads made a sweeping entry into the social networking landscape, but its rise was followed by a rather notorious decline. Although notable for their similar semblance, Threads and X have nuances that give them unique identities.

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