How to write irresistible content on Instagram and stand out from the crowd

Although Instagram is ruled by visuals, the text or copy that accompanies the posts is also very important. And it is that, although it is a social network of photos and videos -in their absence, short ones-, it is necessary to emit simple, clear, and eloquent messages.

What Are Copies For?

Copywriting on Instagram is something fundamental, as it can help us accompany the images we share on the network, but also to many other functions that are very useful. Among them is detailing the information we want to convey, enhancing interaction with users, and, of course, improving our positioning.

Many think that writing a caption is something that is done thoughtlessly and without complicating yourself. Of course, it’s one way to do it, but you shouldn’t fall for it if you want to have good results with your Instagram account.

Something many brands forget is that people want content that entertains. We live surrounded by stimuli, and with a single click, we can switch from one video to another, as well as have access to an infinity of content at our fingertips. For this very reason, it is crucial that the copy for Instagram is something that catches the user and makes them want to finish reading your text.

How to Write Good Copies: Some Tips to Put into Practice and Achieve It

  • First of all, you need to know who you are addressing to find out what tone to use. Each company has a target audience, and it is not the same to sell cars as to talk about an NGO. Important! We must know our audience to know what kind of messages resonate more with them and make our communication more efficient.
  • Write content that is of interest. Review what you want to communicate, as well as what you want to convey and achieve with that text (whether to inform, attract attention, achieve interaction…). It is very important that the content fits the brand and its image.
  • Think about the length of the text. No matter how interesting what you say is, no one will read it if you don’t use the right words. Lyricism is useless if it is empty, even more so in digital marketing. It doesn’t matter if our text is short or long as long as the audience sees that every word is necessary.
  • Use hashtags correctly. Hashtags can be a very useful tool to get more visits, more interaction, and, ultimately, more impact on our publications and our profile. However, they must be used correctly. Find those that are beneficial for your brand and do not fill the copy box with hashtags (#) if they do not add anything.
  • Write in paragraphs. Structuring the text in paragraphs facilitates the reading of users, so you will help them to be interested in the content. Synthesize and organize your text to get a good copy. Also, you can use formats like bold or italic to highlight your content. However, remember that these last resources are not available natively on Instagram, so you will need either a web platform to generate special characters or install a keyboard on your phone that allows you to deploy all that creativity.
  • Add ’emojis’ that facilitate reading. Emojis are useful in digital communication practically in any context, but they cannot be 100% of your message. Some brands, due to a lack of creativity and ideas, fill the copy with emojis and launch the publication, but this is not recommended at all. We are addressing human beings, so the use of the word is essential for the message to have the effect we desire.
  • Interact with your audience. The Instagram algorithm (loved and hated in equal parts) can play in our favor if our followers interact with our profiles. Therefore, invite your followers to participate with a question at the end of the copy to encourage them to respond with their opinion.
  • Thank the participation. If we manage to get users to participate, we must not forget to thank them for the time they have dedicated to doing so. Also, with these actions, we manage to further loyalize those users.

If you need it, do not forget that you can always consult our services to help you succeed with your social profiles. At Incognito, we will be delighted to help you with your copies 😉

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